Duarte/Downey Real Estate Agency, Inc


Hi Steven:
"Thank you very much for showing my parents houses on Saturday.  They were very impressed by your help and look forward to hearing about future real estate listings in Truro.  We would like to rent a house in the Corn Hill area until you find us a dream house."
A Tenant/Buyer Wrote!

Dear DD Real Estate,
"Our vacation on the Cape last year was so successful (thanks to your help), we'd like to do it again next year.  Would you be able to help us with a recommendation and arrangements for next summer.
Your recommendation this year was an excellent on and we'd like to be in that area again.   Could you please provide us with some suggestions and availability for next summer.
Thanks for your help."
A Tenant Wrote!

"Thanks Steve,
for helping us out with this rental.  It's the first time renting a chouse for us  and you really helped answering our questions.   We'll be back!!"
Dennis and Nancy
A Tenant Wrote!

Hi Maureen:
"We received the earrings and the security deposit -- thank you!!  It was so thoughtful of you first to search so hard for the earrings and then to be sure I got it back --  did I tell you it was one of Jay's first gifts to me when we go together 6 years ago?  When we return to  Truro (which we love, always) for a week or more we wil be in touch with you."
Best wishes for a good rest of the summer,
A Tenant Wrote!

Dear Steve and Maureen:
"We want to thank you for a terriffic first year of renting!  We were very satisfied with your services this past summer.  As I had mentioned before, your were the third real estate agent that we listed our home with.  You ar the only agent we will use from now on!
When we had an incident at our house, you handled the situation like a true professional.  You managed to keep all parties happy and satisfied.  We greatly appreciate the fact tha you physically went to our house to make sure it was being well taken care of.  That was important to us as we are not nearby. 
We feel you did an outstanding joub of promoting our house to your clients.  We look forward to another successful summer with you next year!!"
Thank You!!
Sharon and Paul
Owner/Landlord of a Home we Rent!

"Thanks very much for filling up the summer with such great rentals at the house.  We appreciate your hard work."
Owner/Landlord of a Home we Rent!

Steve and Maureen:
"We came down to clean the house yesterday.  This is to let you know that the house was as clean or better than when we turned it over to the tenants. 
Thanks for getting us such good tenants.
Owner/Landlord of a Home we Rent!

Owner/Landlord of a home wrote the following:
"Dear Steve and Staff:
"Once again you have provided and excellent year of rental services and support.  You've taken the time to advise us on how to best manage our vacation home and have found good tenants that have valued the opportunity to rent our home during the times we have been unable to use it ourselves. 
During those rental periods, you've been on the ball and attentive on how to best solve any problems that arise, to the satisfaction of both the renter and to us.
Please don't hesitate to use us as a reference."
Nadja and Peter
Owner/Landlord of a Home we Rent!