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Posted by Duarte/Downey Real Estate Agency, Inc on 11/27/2016

The one thing that your busy lifestyle cannot afford could be happening right now. You may be struggling to get a good, restful night of sleep. Caffeine, sugar right before bed, energy drinks and stress could be the culprits. Your bedroom, the place where you go to rest, could also be keeping you up at night.

Why your bedroom could be costing you sleep

At the top of the list of why your bedroom could be keeping you up at night is your actual bed. A bed should be firm, but not hard. It also shouldnít be spongy, causing you to lose support while you sleep. Being uncomfortable in bed could cause you to rest on the same side each night, creating sore hips and shoulders. Lay on your back at night and you may snore. People who develop sleep apnea have been known to be back sleepers.

As tempting as it is, sleeping with the TV on is not a good idea, especially if you are noise sensitive. Lay in bed watching game shows, sporting events and other programs that maintain your attention and you could start to become more alert and awakened rather than drowsy and sleepy. Try turning the TV off fifteen to twenty minutes before you are ready to go to sleep. Avoid reading and planning.Relax.

Do you ever feel like you sweated all night when you wake? Or do you ever feel cold? If your bedroom is too hot or too cold, those extreme temperatures could be keeping you from enjoying deeper sleep. Do a little exploring and try turning the heat up or turning on a fan or the air condition just before you go to bed.Notice if you sleep better. Another trick is to wear socks to bed on cold nights or a thin pajama set when itís warmer outside. Taking a shower just before you go to bed when itís hot outside can also help to cool you off.

More ways to start gaining a good night of sleep

Early morning light can serve as a natural alarm clock. Too much light streaming through your bedroom window could find you waking every one to two hours. It could also keep you from going into a deep sleep. Workarounds include hanging darker curtains, blinds or drapes or sleeping with an eye mask on. You could also try moving your bed further away from the window or positioning your bed in your bedroom so that the head of your bed is away from outside lights.

Noise is another element that could keep you up at night. Squeaking floors, music playing in the background and noise coming into your bedroom from outside could keep you alert. So too could barking pets. You could install insulated window treatments to reduce noise and train pets to rest at night instead of staying up and barking at every sound they hear.

Drinking warm teas and relaxing for thirty to sixty minutes before you head to bed can also help you to rest better. Finishing projects, paying bills on weekends instead of on weekday evenings, eating a healthy diet and exercising, are other ways that you could set yourself up for a good night of sleep.

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