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Posted by Duarte/Downey Real Estate Agency, Inc on 10/7/2012

Just because winter is approaching doesn't mean you have to put off home projects. In fact, while some projects are better done during the summer, there are a select few that are best done while the weather is taking a turn for the chilly. Here's a few ideas to help get you started. Caulking your windows and doors - Fall provides you with a unique opportunity to find the drafty spots in your home, and rectify them before a harsh winter hits. Caulk adheres to surfaces best around 45 to 50 degrees, and with the temperature falling to the 40's and 50's in the fall, you'll find yourself being about to feel out which rooms are drafty and need some attention. Properly caulked windows and doors will save you a boatload in utility costs, not to mention the obvious benefit of keeping your house comfortable in what is sure to be a tough winter. Evaluating your attic insulation - Now would also be a good time to check up on your insulation, and consider whether or not it would be in your best interests to replace your existing insulation.  Improperly insulated attics can wreak havoc on your utility bills, and unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the kind of insulation at work in their attics. Energystar's website has a comprehensive guide for what kind of insulation your home should have, as well as a brief guide explaining the classifications of insulation, and why certain kinds are preferred over others depending on the climate you happen to find yourself in. Guarding against fall pests - Due to decaying vegetation and falling temperatures, some insect populations experience a population explosion during fall weather.  After this population boom, and the temperatures drop, these insects will do anything they can to find shelter, including wiggling right into your home.  Luckily, by practicing fall lawn maintenance regularly, you can avoid the brunt of this onslaught.  Bugs LOVE dead leaves.  It serves as not only a food source for them, but due to the decay of vegetation raiding the ground temperature, it also serves as a shelter from the colder temperatures.  By staying vigilant and keeping your yard free of debris, it will also keep your home from being overrun with pests. Pave your driveway - Because repaving your driveway is one of those projects that is notoriously put off time and time-again, this is just a friendly reminder to consider this project before the cold weather prevents you from doing so.  A fresh, smooth driveway will make snow removal much easier in the dead of winter, not to mention the aesthetic appeal it can convey.  If this is one of those home projects that you were planning on doing this year, just keep in mind; time is running out.