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Posted by Duarte/Downey Real Estate Agency, Inc on 7/7/2014

It is summer and for many that means it is time for a little rest and relaxation. Summer is prime time for a vacation. Today's economy doesn't always allow for long trips away from home but with a little creativity you can have an at-home getaway that is just as fun and cost-conscious. Here are some tips for planning a staycation: Plan You will need to plan and budget for your staycation just like any other vacation. Take the time to research events, activities and places to visit. Make a list of activities, make any reservations, purchase tickets and plan for any advance activities. Take a Vacation Just because you are close to home doesn't mean you are not on vacation.  Don't use your time off to do work, chores or errands remember you are on vacation.  Make sure to look at the places you visit like a tourist. View your city like a visitor, take photos, visit local attractions, museums, new restaurants, people watch and take in the architecture. Stay Overnight To make it feel more like you are on vacation you may decide to check in to a hotel for a night or two. Try booking a weeknight for a less expensive rate. Finding a hotel room that works within your budget may be just the thing to give your staycation that extra special feel.